discover the complete story in

Witch Hunter #1

story by Vincent Ferrante

contributing artists • Scott, Victor Dominicis

Jim Webb, Adauto Silva, Normand, Matt Westfall,

Tony Doya, Mykelangelo, Alzir Alves & Eddie Torres

new cover by Jeff Batista & Blake

available now

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the Origin of Witch Hunter

Forged in the flames of the Salem Witch Hunts, Jon Redmont is resurrected 300 years later at the dawn of a NEW  old world order. He is endowed with the combined strength, abilities and knowledge of his Coven of Light. An ancient and powerful spell makes him resistant to any magic used against him, and provides him with an irreverence toward the dark powers lurking in the shadows. 








An underground movement composed of the dispossessed elder races of the earth, including dark elves, dwarves and giants, among others, is slowly turning our world into theirs. This movement is led by a clandestine guild of evil witches known as THE SCARLET CIRCLE.










Through support of the products, media, politicians and even ministries secretly controlled by the Scarlet Circle, humanity is unwittingly investing its energy into its own downfall . With the very power that humanity does not even believe in, the Scarlet Circle rebuilds and renews itself, and will ultimately RECLAIM  the earth. Opposing the darkness without being darkened by it, Jon Redmont now hunts the hunters as...WITCH HUNTER!  

Witch hunts aren't about hunting witches...they never were..!

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