Witch Hunter #9

"The Scarlet Circle Network" Witch Hunter faces Encantar, Public Relations Witch of his arch nemeses, The Scarlet Circle, a cult with its hands in politics, industry, organized religion, and the media. In his secret identity of Jon Redmont, new thought author, Witch Hunter faces off on a TV talk show with Encantar, who is appearing to promote the "good works" of the far-reaching Scarlet Circle World Aid Group, as well as doiing her best to discredit Jon Redmont's message of personal empowerment vs the strength of people drawing energy from one of The Scarlet Circle's organizations. Following two surreal commercial breaks, each reveals their true colors in front of the cameras, and one of their lives will be cancelled by the end of the broadcast! Plus Bonus Features! - A Map of Witch Hunter's New Yorke City, and a 2-page Witch Hunter comic strip ("Stake Out") Cover by Frank Brunner. Art by Leonardo Gonzalez. Backup art bt Donaire.