Witch Hunter #8

"The Lost Colony of The Expressionist" Witch Hunter and his aide, Kitty, team with the mystic detectice of the art world, The Expressionist, to solve a murder mystery in the lost art colony on the shores of Lake Erie, Albright Springs, PA. Magic, Mobsters, Monsters, and Pirate Queens muddy the waters in this neo-noir tale of mythic ne'er-do-wells that could end with the Earth spiraling down a drain that opens in reality! Plus: Bonus Backup Story! - The Origin of Kitty - Learn how a superficial Victorian socialite loses face at the sorcerous hands of an evil witch and is forced to emote through a drama mask that also displays the true nature of all who look upon it! Cover by Frank Brunner. Art by Scott. Backup art by Arnel Avetria.