Witch Hunter #6

“Witch Hunter and The Queen of Dragon Island” - Witch Hunter is lured to Dragon Island in The Devil's Triangle for a confrontation with Simuntok, King of the Dwarves, and Hespix, Queen of Dragons, who cast some light on the mysterious Scarlet Circle's plans for usurping control of the Earth from humanity and returning it to the elder races! Meanwhile, the fate of The Woman in Black and Madam Zero are revealed by The Scarlet Circle's leader, Elesar Monmorte. In the first of two backup stories, the origin of Omum, Goblin Seer, is told, while in the second backup story, Heartbeaten, Witch Hunter's mother, Sera Redmont, wanders through the house of eternal shades in a quest for her sanity! Cover by Frank Brunner. Art by Scott. Backup art by Tom Ahearn.