Witch Hunter #5

“Dimension of the Dark Elves” - Witch Hunter has usurped control of an ancient power site, Mystery Hill. He took it from The Scarlet Circle, a cult of the elder races of the Earth that want to unseat humans from its throne. Kirbbus, leader of the Dark Elves, which is one of the member races, has stolen a former guardian of Mystery Hill from the private vault of Elesar, leader of The Scarlet Circle. Kirbbus needs the guardian, a vapor knight named Engine O, to gain him entry to Mystery Hill, so he can use its power to return to his home dimension, Elfland, before Witch Hunter learns to control Mystery Hill or Elesar's plans destroy the world instead of saving it! In the backup story, Rise of the Vapor Knight, the dark origin of Engine 0 is told! Cover by Frank Brunner. Art by Leonardo Gonzalez, Scott & Adauto Silva.