Witch Hunter #13

“Morbella, Mistress of the Boneyard” Witch Hunter decides to be proactive instead of reactive to The Scarlet Circle’s plans for creating a new old world order. He plans to use ancient sites of power, like Stonehenge, as transmitters for transformative energies designed to turn off humanity’s fear of death and failure. It’s his hope that this will aid humanity in actualizing its potential before The Scarlet Circle unseats it from the world’s throne. The power source for Witch Hunter’s plans is a psychic engineer known as The Bright-Eyed Prefect. The only problem is that the prefect is trapped between the lands of the living and the dead in Limbo! The only being who can send Witch Hunter there is the monarch of the ghouls…Morbella, Mistress of the Boneyard, and she’s crazy. Art by Arnel Avetria. Backup story art by Alex Williamson & Mykelangelo.