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The Saga of Evil Monkey Man! #2

The Saga of Evil Monkey Man! #2


Surely not everyone was kung-fu fighting. But that's how things get started.Episode two fleshes out the back-story and origin of Evil Monkey Man and further explains his relationship with Dr Menke Moon & Manny. Meanwhile Lina & Mike make friends and agree to figure out what-in-the-heck is going on around here. On top of that Molly McNeal and crew are getting too close for comfort. Story by N Blake Seals • Art by Butch Mapa.

The print version of Episode Two also includes a Second Feature - HORROR ISLAND.This short introduces the crew of the Sea Sprite and hints at the trouble they may, well, probably will be getting into in the upcoming series from Monarch Comic. Story Phil Avelli • art by Hunter McFalls and Phil Avelli.

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