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The Last #1 (Tales of the Fenris Wolves)

The Last #1 (Tales of the Fenris Wolves)


VERY RARE OUT OF PRINT - Now titled "Tales of the Fenris Wolves" by Joe Kitchell. This is the first printed edition of this title in color (first printings had color cover and B&W interior art.) This is also the last printing entitled "The Last." Very limited inventory...when they're gone they're gone.

They are the last of a dying breed, Vikings sailing out of the dark past toward an age of enlightenment. Their mission: To roam the world in search of lost mysteries like the Loch Ness Monster or fabled Atlantis, safeguarding them from a changing world, if not saving the world from them...and repay a life debt before they, too, pass into history. These are the Tales of the Fenris Wolves! Script by Joe Kitchell & Vincent Ferrante. Art by Fauzy ulvikar Firmansyah.

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