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WITCH HUNTER by Vincent Ferrante

art by Scott & Victor Dominicis with color by Alzir Alves • cover by Jeff Batista with color by Blake

additional art by Adauto Silva, Hunter McFalls, Normand, Matt Westfall, Toni Doya, Mykelangelo & Eddie Torres

   Forged in the flames of the Salem witch hunts, Jon Redmont is resurrected three hundred years later in the present day at the dawn of The Scarlet Circle's new old world order. He is endowed with the combined strength, abilities and knowledge of his Coven of Light, a spell making him resistant to magic used against him, and an irreverence toward the dark powers that be which lurk in the shadows. Opposing the darkness without being darkened by it, Jon Redmont now hunts the hunters as Witch Hunter!

ADVENTURE • FANTASY • SCI-FI • HORROR • All ages. (Cartoon violence.)

The SAGA of EVIL MONKEY MAN by N Blake Seals

art by Butch Mapa with color by Blake • cover color by K Michael Russell

additional art by Bong Dazo • inspired by the song "Evil Monkey Man" by Frank Roseto

   The peaceful serenity of New York suburb Cold Spring Harbor is jolted with an inexplicable explosion. As firefighters race into battle there are now reports of some sort of talking ape-man running around town.

       It's a mind-altering, time-traveling, reality-bending, criss-cross quest across America in a search for a way to become human once again.

SCI-FI • ADVENTURE • All ages. (Cartoon violence.)


THE LAST by Joe Kitchell

art by Fauzy Zulvikar with color by Blake

   In the twilight of the Viking age, three warriors set out to discover the truth about the legends that have spread across the known world - and to protect the world from them, or them from the world, before their people pass into legend as well.

FANTASY • SCI-FI • ADVENTURE • Rated "PG" for violence.

LEAF by Phil Avelli

art by Phil Avelli with b&w tones by Blake and color by Gary Dufner • cover color by Brennan Wagner

   It is the time of the "Magicis Mutatio" - a time of change. Technology is slowly giving way, and magic is returning to the world. Orc cab drivers, brothels run by sirens, dwarves work in sewers, and goblin street gangs run wild.  A lone vigilante stalks the streets of New York hunting for drug dealers - only this drug, called MAGE, gives users much more than just a fleeting high.

SCI-FI • FANTASY • Mature audience for language & violence..


UNITED FORCES by Gary Dufner & Phil Avelli

art by Gary Dufner & Phil Avelli • cover color by Brennan Wagner

   A cemetery caretaker’s midnight shift goes sideways when a dead man rises from his grave to give him a glowing magical orb and a mission - to deliver the orb to his grandson Victor.

   Only two things stand in his way...Victor Vetika is a reclusive world famous singer who currently resides in Enasni Hospital for the criminally insane after murdering a group of fans at one of his shows. And the caretaker soon discovers that he is being stalked by the dead - powered by souls from another dimension - they have come for the orb.

ACTION • HORROR • FANTASY • Mature audience for language & violence.

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