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featuring   Matt "Matman" Herring

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UPDATED! NOW FEATURING THE 12TH DOCTOR!!! ...AND IN A BIGGER SIZE... because it's bigger on the inside! Celebrate 50 plus years of Doctor Who! From the foggy junkyard of 76 Totter's Way to the wasteland of Trenzalore, join author Matt (Matman) Herring and some incredibly talented artists and journey through the many lives of every incarnation of The Doctor, their companions and select adventures that help define this pop culture icon. The Unofficial Doctor Who Companion is the perfect companion for those who may be new to the WHOverse, fans not familiar with the classic series or those who want a chronicle of one of the most enduring characters of all time and space. What does TARDIS stand for? Who are the Ood? Why did the 8th Doctor control his Regeneration? This and more will be answered within the pages of the The Unofficial Doctor Who Companion. Each chapter contains an episode check list, a guide to all the Companions and recommended episodes for each Doctor. The book contains photos and portraits of all the Doctors featuring the amazing art of Chris Giarrusso, Andrew Edge, Kevin Eaton, Chris Hebert, Erik Burnham, Dan MacKinnon, Griffin Ess, Mat Nastos, Rusty Gilligan, Jim Taylor, Mark Masztal, Al Matra and so many more. Cover and interior art by Luis S. Ramos 

What happens when the quaint picturesque town of Broad Brook, CT is suddenly overrun with those loveable creatures from comic book ads, Sea Monkeys? First of all we find out they weren't so loveable and second... we fight! Real Town!!! Real People.... and that is it. Join author Matt (Matman) Herring as he takes us back to that magical year of 1979 and a story that will make you laugh, cry and remember the good old days. Featuring an incredible cover by Karen Gosselin and some cool interior art by Michael Kelleher, Amy and Keith Gleason, Mitch Hallock, Rusty Gilligan and D.C. White!


NOW an audiobook from Last Word Entertainment!!!!

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Within the ranks of hard rock and heavy metal, UFO are one of the most influential bands of all time. Sadly... they are most criminally neglected band that ever put music to vinyl, or cassette, or cd or even 8 Track! In UFO - YOUR FAVORITE BAND'S FAVORITE BAND, writer Matt (Matman) Herring chronicles the entire recording history of UFO; from the odd UFO 1 to A CONSPIRACY OF STARS. Within the pages, Matman reviews every album and every song in hope that you will rekindle a lost love or discover for the first time, some of the best music ever recorded. Also included are the stories surrounding each album as well as reviews of albums by Michael Schenker Group, Waysted, Whitesnake, Scorpions and other bands or artists that have lineage to UFO. No book about UFO would be complete without the comments of those musicians that were influenced by UFO including Dave Meniketti (Y&T), Michael Sweet (Stryper), Jimi Bell and B.J. Zampa (House Of Lords), Uli Jon Roth (Scorpions, Electric Sun), Steve Brown (Trixter) and Tracy G (Dio). The book is introduced by Michael Sweet of Stryper, the front cover is done by the amazing Andrew Edge and back cover photograph is by Rebekah Herring

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